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Position: Referral Authorization Specialist
Location: Bradenton, fl
Date of Vacancy: 12/29/2016
Closing Date: Until Filled
Job Summary:
Referral Authorization Specialist works primarily over the phone ensuring that all patient visits that require managed care referrals/authorizations are obtained within a timely manner.
  • Education a) Graduation from High School or equivalent
  • Experience a) Office setting and computer experience required b) Medical background preferred Other Requirements
  • Other Requirements a) ICD-9, ICD-10 and CPT coding experience is preferred b) Knowledge of E&M codes modifiers required c) Must have knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care and 3rd party payers rules and regulations d) Knowledge of area insurance companies and payers required e) Excellent written and verbal communication skills f) Familiar with medical terminology and procedures g) Must demonstrate a high level of customer service expertise h) Must be flexible i) Strong public contact j) Must be able to perform well in a high volume environment k) Must be able to function effectively under stressful situation l) Ability to work independently m) Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously and set priorities n) Ability to conduct oneself in a professional manner amongst physicians, fellow associates, patients and professional contacts o) Professional personal appearance as outlined in the Employee Handbook/MCHRS, Inc. Intranet p) Skill in exercising initiative, judgment, discretion, and decision making to achieve organizational objectives q) Must demonstrate the ability to acquire the necessary skills/functions to perform the job in an acceptable manner within six (6) months r) Bilingual Helpful s) Must be able to type 35 wpm with 95% accuracy t) Must be able to pay attention to details

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